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Desiccants are hygroscopic substances (moisture absorbent) that are packaged and used to protect products from the harmful effects of moisture. Two of the most commonly used and well-known desiccants are bentonite clay and silica gel, which are used to protect textiles, leather goods, electronics, metal components, and food products for pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, and medical devices.
When purchasing and using packaging, we encounter a number of different requirements when choosing the right desiccant for individual products. Bentonite desiccants are a natural, sustainable solution for packaging drying, moisture control, moisture content, as well as the minimal environmental impact of bentonite clay and silica gel.



RORO also offers bags to absorb moisture in containers. The dimensions are adapted to larger spaces and moisture removal from the load of goods. 

Special features

​During transport in closed containers, your goods are subject to extreme climate fluctuations, so it is necessary to prevent damage to the goods due to moisture or condensation. With the development of highly efficient dryers, such as CARGOSORB from Kindpac, it is possible to respond to this challenge. With its product versions, CARGOSORB offers individual and above all simple solutions for the protection of your goods.


​If there is no way to hang CARGOSORB on the walls of the container, thanks to the diffusion-resistant film on the back, all versions of CARGOSORB - unlike other products - can also be installed on goods that are protected,

CARGOSORB is effective in all cases, as the special fleece membrane has a very large surface area.



Small packets of silica gel are found in all types of products as a desiccant - they adsorb and retain water vapor. For leather goods and foods such as pepperoni, a lack of moisture can limit mold growth and reduce spoilage. In electronics, it reduces condensation that can damage electronics. If the tablets are stored in slightly damp packaging, the condensation moisture would destroy the tablets. Small bags of silica gel are found wherever there is a chance that too much moisture will destroy the product.
RORO offers silica gel that can absorb about 40 percent of its weight in moisture, thus reducing the relative humidity in a sealed package to about 40 percent.



RORO recommends using Kindry dryers when reliable, high-quality moisture protection is required.
This is especially important when protecting products that must be effective for a long time in different climatic conditions, as is the case with classic export packaging.

Relative humidity can always be found in sealed packaging. This would always lead to corrosion, but can be adsorbed using Kindry dryers. Desiccant bags dry the air in the sealed package and protect your goods during the entire period of transport and storage.

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