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The average worker spends more than seven hours a day on his feet, most of that time in the same place. That translates into 1,820 standing hours per year! With all this dealing with how and where to stand, it makes sense to have your feet on a highly efficient platform. The pad acts as a shock absorber, protecting the body from impacts while stimulating muscle activity for better circulation and reduced fatigue. Try one of our ergonomic floor mats for a day and you will immediately feel the difference that the best mat in the world makes.

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Available in Bubble, Bubble ESD or smooth ESD, Deluxe and Deluxe ESD versions

  • simple for cleaning​

  • anti-static

  • resistant to chemicals and UV light

  • ISO 5 classification

  • 6 year warranty



Povezovalni PET trak je primeren za vezanje srednje težkega in težkega blaga in palet. Je tako močan, da ga je v večini primerov mogoče uporabiti kot alternativo jeklenim trakom brez ogrožanja kakovosti stabilizacije palet. Velika prednost pa je, da je veliko lažji in lažji ter varnejši za obdelavo. PET trak prenese temperature do 60 °C, ne oksidira, ni občutljiv na UV svetlobo in ima visoko raztezno sposobnost.

Na voljo v sledečih dimenzijah

  • 12 x 0,7 x 2500m

  • 15,5 x 07 x 1750m

  • 19 x 1 x 1000m

Premer tulca 150 / 406mm

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