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Adhesive tapes with a logo are an important marketing advantage that not only emphasizes the professionalism of your company, but also increases its visibility in the market.

Adhesive tapes can be embossed by transferring any design (logo, text, picture, etc.) to the tape.

  • Adhesive tapes with acrylic glue

Intended for use in offices and warehouses where there are no major temperature fluctuations and the surface to be glued is not dusty. It is resistant to UV rays, so packaging taped with this tape can also be outside in the sun.

  • Adhesive tapes with quiet unwinding

Unlike other tapes, the use of this adhesive tape makes very little noise.

  • Adhesive tapes with Hot Melt glue

Intended for use in rooms with a low level of dust, and the lower limit for temperature fluctuations is -10 ° С.

  • Adhesive tapes with SOLVENT glue

Intended for use in very dusty rooms with temperature fluctuations up to -20 ° С, as well as for freezing products. Ideal for use on low quality cardboard.

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