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Privacy policy
The purpose of the privacy policy is to inform buyers, potential buyers and visitors of the website about the purposes and basis of personal data processing by the company RORO doo, Pristava 3, 3212 Vojnik, Slovenia (hereinafter: RORO doo. or the provider or manager of personal data data).

This privacy policy may be changed or amended at any time without prior warning or notice. All changes and additions to the regulations are published on this website. By using the website, the user agrees to changes and additions.

Collection, processing and use of personal data
The company RORO, doo collects and processes the following provided personal data:

• Information provided via the e-mail contact form: name, surname, e-mail address, company information, any other information provided in the content of the message.
• This data is processed to provide our online services, including the forms used to contact us about the products and services we offer.
In principle, your personal data will only be passed on to other controllers if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract or if we or a third party have a legitimate interest in data transfer. In addition, data may be transferred to other controllers if we are obliged to do so due to legal regulations, or enforceable administrative or court orders.

Duration of data retention
As a rule, we keep your data for as long as it is necessary to perform our online services and to answer your inquiries, or as long as we have a legitimate interest in storing the data. In all other cases, we delete your personal data with the exception of data that we need to keep to comply with legal obligations (for example, due to retention periods under tax and commercial codes, we are obliged to keep documents such as contracts and invoices for a certain period).

Cookies on the website
The website of the company RORO, doo collects data about the use of the website with the help of cookies, mainly statistical data, which pages are visited the most, how many visitors visit these pages per day, what content visitors are interested in and how long visitors stay on each page (Google Analytics) . These data do not allow insight into the users' personal data, the data is anonymized (including Google cookies). The company uses data on visits to for its own needs.

Any information that RORO doo obtains in any way via the website is intended exclusively for the company's commercial use and will be protected by the company in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS No. 59/1999, 57/ 2001, 59/2001) and the Code of Obligations.

The company will not forward users' personal data to any other person, natural or legal.

What are cookies?
They are short text files that the website stores in the devices that users use to access the Internet in order to identify the individual devices that users used to access. Their storage is under the full control of the user's browser. You can limit or disable the storage of cookies if you wish. Cookies are limited in time.

Necessary cookies for website operation.
They are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the provision of user-friendly online services. To recognize your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone), the cookie enables the display of content to be adjusted to your device.
The interaction between the online user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual's preferences and experiences, thus saving time and making website browsing more efficient and friendly.
Advanced web analytics allow us to monitor the use of the website and thus improve and upgrade it.

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