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The average worker spends more than seven hours a day on his feet, most of that time in the same place. That translates into 1,820 standing hours per year! With all this dealing with how and where to stand, it makes sense to have your feet on a highly efficient platform. The pad acts as a shock absorber, protecting the body from impacts while stimulating muscle activity for better circulation and reduced fatigue. Try one of our ergonomic floor mats for a day and you will immediately feel the difference that the best mat in the world makes.

Infinity Bubble 6 Colors.jpg


Available in Bubble, Bubble ESD or smooth ESD, Deluxe and Deluxe ESD versions

  • simple for cleaning​

  • anti-static

  • resistant to chemicals and UV light

  • ISO 5 classification

  • 6 year warranty

Ergomat Classic.jpg


Available in Bubble versions or Deluxe

  • suitable for dry and non-abrasive surfaces

  • anti-static

  • ideal for packaging lines

  • ISO 5 classification

  • 8 year warranty

Ergomat Complete Deluxe.jpg


Available in Bubble, Smooth, XL bubble up, Bubble ESD or Smooth ESD ali Deluxe and Deluxe ESD versions

  • suitable for dry and wet surfaces

  • anti-static

  • flame retardant and resistant to chemicals

  • ISO 5 classification

  • 5 year warranty

Front Nitril.jpg


Excellent nitrile rubber pod where heat, oil and petrochemical resistance are required.
Nitrile rubber can also be used in an autoclave (but only in dimensions 90x60cm) and has excellent properties in
antibacterial cleaning. Meets UDSA and CFIA standards.



A specially made mat for the food and metallurgical industry. Resistant to oils, most alkaline
liquids and acids, as well as to high temperatures of metal filings (600°C). The Nitro mat boasts a special
cone shape that prevents slippage at important moments.

Front Softline.jpg


The Softline underlay is made for areas where resistance to oils, petrochemicals and
heat, as well as for humid and wet environments. In the case of large amounts of liquids, perforation is possible for ease
draining. Excellent anti-slip properties even when the mat is exposed to grease or oil.

SUPER-SAFE ERGO w detail copy h-res.jpg


This is the ideal mat for anywhere where water can cause other mats to slip underfoot.
The anti-microbial additive contributes to more efficient use in specific and critical (micro) environments such as healthcare facilities, restaurants and other food establishments, pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmaceutical processing plants and food and beverage processing plants.

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