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Our range of quality packing tapes is available in various widths, thicknesses (my) and windings. We can offer you  "silent"  or  printed logo tape . RORO offers you a wide range of tapes for everything you want to stick. 
Carton sealing or labeling in your warehouse? We have a wide range of tapes. Choose between polypropylene tape (PP), which is economical, excellent for gluing all types of paper and cardboard, or vinyl tape (PVC), which offers a solution for gluing heavy loads and is also resistant to temperature fluctuations._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Warning tape  in  protective tape  in  protective tape  for use in warehouses or factories. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In short, adhesive tape is a universal tool that easily and conveniently solves many different fastening challenges. These tapes are available in a wide variety of substrates, each suitable for a specific end use. It is precisely for this reason that the use of adhesive tape is increasing in high-performance building and construction works. 


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If you're looking for a way to reduce shipping costs and still label your products, consider printed ribbons with your logo. Printed tape is cheaper than boxes with your logo and also allows you to make your packages unique and branded. They also insure your shipment. You can easily tell if the shipment has been opened, as it is impossible to re-seal the carton, since your logo tape was used during shipping. 
In case you want to print your company's logo, website or special promotions and discounts, we provide you with high-quality printing tape that meets your requirements. 

For production, we only need your logo in pdf or vector format. RORO printed tapes.


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Masking tape and painter's tape are the two most commonly interchanged types of tape because they both look and feel similar. However, when you're doing professional work—or any project that requires precision—using tape designed for painting, using painter's tape makes the biggest difference. Be it for a new project or for the repair of damaged surfaces.
Many masking and masking tapes are basically made of crepe paper, which makes them easy to tear and easy to write on (use for marking). Some masking tapes are made with a slightly more robust backing than general purpose masking tapes, mainly to prevent the tape from tearing during removal (the tape is removed in one piece after painting).

Optionally, you can also use  paper tape for protection, but it must be removed quickly after use (checked). 


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RORO also has self-adhesive tapes. Packaging tapes are available in brown or transparent color. In a standard winding of 120 meters, which also fits existing winders. We can also provide you with a larger coil for machine gluing, that is 990 meters. 

BOPP adhesive tape
Bopp packing tapes are the most commonly used tapes for transportation and inventory management today, and for good reason. The special molecular structure and stabilization of the polypropylene resin provide excellent mechanical and optical properties that are particularly useful in various applications. One of them is packaging.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer (meaning it is pliable above a certain temperature and returns to a solid state after cooling). Biaxially oriented polypropylene PP is a film stretched in the direction of processing and in the transverse direction of processing. This increases the strength as well as the transparency of the film. The structure also allows easy automatic and manual use of the packing tape.

Features and performance
Their robust structure and high tensile strength are ideal for packaging and labeling. They are resistant to abrasion, moisture and various chemical solvents. They are easy to coat, print and even laminate, making them ideal for custom tape production. The material also offers minimal elongation (only about 150% on average) and is resistant to cracking. They are also easy to cut.


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Paper tape is an environmentally friendly tape that can be recycled. You simply tear it open with your hand. The tape is used for gluing boxes and other applications. The brown, test box with brown paper tape is representative and exudes environmental awareness. White paper tape for white boxes is also available. Paper tape can perform well in high and low temperatures. 

Paper tapes can also be obtained in  printed version .

Natron tape is activated with the help of water, so the use of special degreasers is mandatory for these tapes, which apply water to the glue and thus "revive" it. The tape cannot be removed without visible traces, so it is also suitable for sending packages with important content. Wettable natron tape can also  be printed .

Available in white and brown, and in different dimensions.



If you want to permanently attach a mirror to a wall or temporarily attach a carpet to the floor in a showroom. If you want to hang a picture without using nails because you want to remove it later without leaving any residue - and also because your landlord doesn't like holes in the wall. Then double-sided adhesive tape is your perfect choice.
Double-sided tapes are used for various industrial purposes, they are also suitable for craftsmen and consumers. They are perfect for permanently gluing two parts together; to fix them firmly for a long time or for a limited period of time. Depending on the components of the tape, it offers you special properties that make it suitable for specific purposes. The types of adhesives, backings, primers, etc. that make up the adhesive tape determine its properties and can be fully adapted to the application requirements.


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Security tape with a hidden graphical OPEN VOID message that appears when removed. Used to protect against tampering with the package. It has an aggressive adhesive that effectively bonds to various boxes, plastic, PE bags, metals, foils and wood.

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