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Created by applying a thin adhesive layer to each side of a carrier material, double-sided tape, also known as double-layer tape or double-sided tape, is widely used in a wide variety of industries for applications such as bonding, holding, mounting, splicing and packaging. Obviously, it is most often used for bonding two surfaces; usually in a way that is not visible in the final product. This is due to being installed "in between" rather than "overlapping" in use. This special application allows for a better look and better workmanship.

Double-sided tape can be either thin (such as paper-based) or thick (such as foam-based), coated with rubber, acrylic, or a modified version thereof, sometimes with different properties. Double-sided tapes with thick adhesive systems tend to adhere better to unusual, uneven or heavily patterned and textured surfaces. Thick bonding systems typically include a foam backing layer and can vary greatly in strength. As the name suggests, thin adhesive tapes are much thinner - sometimes so thin that they consist of nothing more than pure glue on a silicone coating. And yes, like everything else on the job or in a manufacturing facility, choosing the right double-sided tape for a specific application is paramount.

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