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Double-sided adhesive tape is not only suitable for creative projects, but also for everyday tasks, such as sticking posters and postcards or sticking notes. In our wide range you will also find specialized products, including particularly strong adhesive tapes for attaching carpets, house numbers or newspaper tubes. Double-sided adhesive tapes can be used easily and - unlike other fastening methods - do not damage the surface.
Bonding with double-sided tape does not damage the material and therefore reduces the risk of corrosion. It can be considered a virtually invisible fastener and helps keep surfaces smooth and clean. In fact, the tape also has a sealing function and protects against environmental elements or dust. Double-sided tapes are perfect for tension compensation. The forces at the joint are distributed over the entire length of the joined surfaces. They even allow different values of expansion and contraction of different substrates that are connected, for example plastic to metal. They can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including metal, glass, paper, stainless steel, polycarbonate and many others. Compared to liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes do not require curing time or final cleaning. There is also no release of chemicals.

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