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Cloth shopping bags are designed for multiple use. One cloth bag can replace thousands of single-use plastic bags, which means less litter. Less plastic litter means less negative consequences. You can choose different types of fabric to make shopping bags, such as recycled or sustainable materials.

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Felt is a natural material, resistant and stiff, but at the same time soft and flexible. It is a fabric made from felted wool with the help of moisture, heat and pressure and tanned using natural methods. Option of different colors and prints.



We offer a wide selection of organic, fair trade and recycled cotton bags in a variety of colors and sizes, so you're sure to find something to suit your needs.



Shopping bags made of kraft paper, coated, laminated, matte or glossy, made of customized materials and finishes. Several combinations of printing: offset, hot, flexographic, relief and UV varnishing to obtain bright colored products that give each brand the best visibility and elegance.

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