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This tape is commonly called non-slip, anti-slip and grip tape. Anti-slip industrial tape is an industrial tape that can withstand extreme working environments. For some situations, such as stairs, yellow and black tape may be the best choice. Special anti-slip tapes include: yellow “Caution Watch Your Step” tape, reflective tape, wipe-friendly tape, high-visibility tape, anti-slip tape and barefoot anti-slip tape. Anti-slip tapes for bare feet are mainly used in showers, offices, dressing rooms and bathrooms. Anti-slip tapes can be used in very dry or wet or very hot or cold climates. This non-slip tape is good in environments with high cart and pedestrian traffic. It is also used in transport. If the area has very high humidity or is constantly wet, check that the adhesive can withstand the humidity requirements.


Features of the tapes:

- Easy installation - anyone can install the strips themselves. Each roller comes with detailed assembly instructions.

- Versatility of use - tapes can be used in all types of buildings: schools, offices, hospitals, single-family and multi-family houses...

- Various colors - a wide selection of colors allows you to match the tape to the color of the floor. The tapes can also be used as warning tapes.

- Small thickness - about 1mm, they do not hinder movement.

- High durability of the material - up to 4 years, depending on the volume of traffic.

- High-quality adhesive - The tapes have excellent adhesion and can stick to ceramics, metal, wood - all smooth and dry surfaces.

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