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Our PVC tapes with natural rubber adhesive offer high tensile strength and excellent instant adhesion and adhesion to various substrates. PVC tapes have quiet unwinding, low elongation, resistance to moisture and dilute acids and alkalis. PVC tape can be used in a temperature range of approximately -20°C to +70°C and can be recycled.

A versatile tape for almost any use


PVC packing tapes are the preferred choice in the maritime and logistics industry for permanently sealing medium to very heavy cartons.  They are also excellent for securing components and for securing pallets. 


Printed PVC tape is the perfect marketing medium
Whether for informational purposes or as an advertising medium, our adhesive PVC tape serves as a reliable brand ambassador.
Available in clear, white, brown and ​​other colors, all PVC tapes are perfectly printable and therefore very popular with online businesses and retailers.

Available in the following colors:

  • white

  • transparent

  • brown

  • Red

  • blue

  • green

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