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At RORO, we also offer scotch tapes. They are available in brown or transparent. In a standard winding of 120 meters, which also fits existing winders. We can also provide you with a larger coil for machine gluing, that is 990 meters. 

BOPP tape can be coated with different types of adhesives. Synthetic rubber (hot melt) and acrylic are most often used. Adhesives (hot melt) are one of the most widely used products due to their consistent, reliable and fast gluing. This type of adhesive bonds quickly to a surface and offers high tensile strength, making them one of the best options for securing a shipment. They can adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including foil and fiber.

Another good option is acrylic adhesives. They do not set as fast as hot melt adhesives. They have good initial adhesion, but require approximately 24 hours to reach maximum bond strength. In addition, they have better heat, UV and shear resistance. This type of glue is recommended for loaded and long-lasting packaging.

Other adhesives include natural rubber, which has the same properties as hot melt synthetic rubber, except that it has better adhesion and can hold dust and heavier loads at different temperatures. Silicone adhesives are also used; these can be removed without leaving a residue and are often used for applications requiring extreme temperature exposure.

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