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Our magnetic tape is semi-anisotropic, i.e. single-sided magnetic tape, type A. Strips of the same type attract each other, but they can only attach to each other in an offset mode, since they repel each other.

Magnetic strips are temperature resistant from -30° to +80° Celsius and are therefore versatile. Thanks to their flexibility, the strips can also be attached to curved surfaces without breaking or tearing. You can easily cut the brown magnetic tape to the desired lengths with a utility knife or scissors. It is recommended for applications where low magnetic force is required, such as components that need to be changed frequently and quickly.

Magnetic strips are not suitable as a base for other types of magnets. Powerful industrial magnets stick to magnetic tape, but permanently degrade the magnetization of the tape - and thus weaken the grip. 

Available in 12.7mm, 20mm and 25.4mm widths. Tape thickness 1.5mm. 

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