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If you think that painting floors in corridors and warehouses is too expensive and too time-consuming, the RTrak program is the ideal solution for the floors in your facility. Floor markings can be used in any workplace where you want to increase productivity. RTrak floor strips and a wide variety of shapes are easy to install and very durable, even in industrial facilities with a lot of activity and traffic. This means that instead of worrying about the condition of your floors, you can now focus on the rest of your business.

RTrak products have many features. You can use tapes to mark boundaries, paths and hazards. Shapes such as corners, various T-shapes and arrows can play a key role in your 5S program to mark the locations of pallets, crates and other equipment to help with organization. Combined, these visual cues create a floor marking system that makes it easy for people to navigate your facility and complete their tasks.

You can choose from a variety of RTrak colors, patterns and sizes to make your floor markings look exactly the way you need them. You can also order ribbons with customized line messages or graphics. RTrak straps are smudge and abrasion resistant, and their low profiles mean that tripping hazards shouldn't be a problem. Do you have a high level of turnover in your business? Choose X-treme products for extra durability. 

The RTrak visual control system is fast and easy to use, with easy-to-understand color and graphics. It is durable and can be reconfigured as needed. Floor signs and tapes are also cost-effective, saving unnecessary paint drying time and leaving no mess, and the vast majority can also be customized to your requirements.

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Floor marking tapes, floor signs, floor labels and floor shapes help make a marked facility a visual workplace. In a visual workplace, things get done more safely and efficiently because people can simply follow signs instead of stopping to ask questions. Floor markings can mark corridors and walkways, indicate hazards, and indicate where certain objects should be placed. These lines of demarcation divide the space so that only it can be more organized, safer and more efficiently used.

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The following types of floor graphics can improve safety:

  • Safety steps - A footprint in the form of a step is a great way to show the correct direction of movement.

  • Corners - Whenever there is a corner on the transport route, it must be marked correctly, as this contributes to greater safety and alertness to people, vehicles or other dangers moving in these areas.

  • Rounded Corners - Some objects prefer rounded corners to make them smoother and cleaner. Whether they are square or rounded, it is very important that they are labeled.

  • Ground STOP Sign – In some cases, it is easier to spot a STOP sign placed on the ground than at a height. Combining the two can improve visual communication in the workplace.

  • Security X - As the saying goes. X-marks the place. An X-shaped graphic indicates a place in the facility where any number of things go.

  • Dots - Even simple dots can convey a clear message that people can see from a great distance. They can also be color coded.

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Because safety comes first.
We offer safety distance tapes and signs to help you clearly define where it is acceptable for people to queue.
Each of these strips and signs is made of quality material that will withstand high traffic. It has a low profile so people won't trip over the signs. They are also water and chemical resistant. They are easy to install and durable. Our Peel & Stick Floor and Wall Social Distance Signs are easy to install.
They are effective visual reminders.  They will not fade as they are made of quality material. The products can be installed on smooth surfaces such as floor, walls, doors, mirrors and so on.

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